Indoor Tournament Petosse

Mansle Attended the indoor 6 a side tournament on the 11th March Hosted by Petosse.

As a rather new team and now having a new captain they had a point to prove. Topping the group was to be the first hurdle. After winning the toss we took to the field with Ben sitting out the first game since we had 7 players (he played for the other side). They scored a few runs but we were able to keep the run rate down with some amazing bowling from Andy, Zeeshan, Robin, Haseeb. The fielding was also top notch. First game great win! one more game in the group to go! Second game came again great result some tactical batting saw us to another win!

Semi final time this was a different matter. The team thought it would be good to score as many runs as possible but loosing silly wickets with run outs its made the work all the more difficult. We stumbled and lost the semi final. We started well only needed to the keep the other team to under 40 runs to have a great chance of winning. They scored 41 runs after 35 runs deducted from wickets. Great start to our innings 18 off the first over ok 5 per over needed we can do this.

Second over saw all the hard work disappear. Left with only 5 Runs and an up hill battle on the last 2 overs saw us to lose the match but at no point did we not give 100%. One more game to go "Best of the rest" 3rd place play off. Up stepped a great batting side for Aunis, Full of ringers and but determined to have fun. We gave it our best chance but we can't win with just 4 and 6 we need to play for the walls. Big lesson learned indoor cricket is an art form and requires you to be relaxed and think about where each shot will go. 4th place was a valiant effort from the team!!

The team had a great day playing cricket. We do not play this type of cricket enough but the Captain was very proud of the team. He said he could not ask any more from the players they gave everything from diving three meters out to hitting two sixes in the first over and good tight bowling. Although it was a long way to travel we had a great days cricket. Thank you Virginie for scoring the whole tournament for every match, then driving the Mini Bus home.

WELL DONE MANSLE!!! Lets see us win next year!!

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