Friendly Mansle CC Vs Loire CC.

With Mansle CC Rue du Champions ground bathed in sunshine all was set for a delightful game of cricket. Great to see Loire CC make the effort to travel all the way from Nantes, but turned up late due to a mechanical car problem . Loire CC Captain Ali agreed to a 32 over per side match and they would bat first which suited all. Mansle CC had a full complement of admin officers on hand, tea ladies Kay, Sarah, Lisa and our new supporter Veronika who is Russian. Teas were excellent,...Mais oui. Toffee the club security officer pursued the outfield and gave the go ahead for the match then went to sleep for four hours, hard work this security. The game started at one o’clock with Zee opening the bowling from the Isle of Wight end and claimed a first ball wicket of Jamal with assistance of a good catch from wicketkeeper Jason. Zee took two wickets altogether both caught behind. Good start but we may have peaked too early as it turns out. Bowling from the clubhouse end Rubesh had a short spell before being replaced by Alastair, Ali bowled OK but one or two loose balls found favour in the nearby river but he also claimed the opener Usman(32) as his wicket for the day. As a team we soon entered into a game of who could drop the most catches overall at least 7 should have been held, something we shall have to work on to improve. Jesse replaced Zee from the IOW end, his first outing he was a little nervous which showed in his bowling, seemed to pitch just a little bit short and on our nice bouncy wicket these balls sat up and took some punishment, towards the end of his spell he started bowling a little quicker which seem to solve the short pitch problem. Loire CC batsmen were now getting the taste for runs and the score was on its way up to something big. Our new scorer Virginie was certainly given an opportunity to give her new pencils a good work out. We claimed a few wickets through a run out and some catches being held but this just seemed to bring in the hard core of Loire CC’s batting, Prabal scoring 144 before being caught late on in Loire CC innings by Jesse the bowler was Rubesh. Haseeeeeeeeeeeeeb had a bowl, I had to remind him of his bowling action but to his credit he sorted it out and didn’t bowl that bad, well done Haseeeeeeeeeb. Haidar had a bowl but didn’t show the improvement his net practicing had suggested. Jason swapped wicket keeping duties with Juzzy at half time drinks, this allowed him a bowl from the clubhouse end, which with its short riverside boundary was too much for the Loire CC batsman to resist. Runs were coming thick and fast so I looked to quash the run feast with some experience, I gave Jez the nod for the next over from the IOW end and thus he started his extensive warm up routine, with a light breeze blowing left to right across the wicket, the scene was set for his deceptive gentle away swingers to cause havoc amongst Loire CC batting order. Well the big moment arrived only for Jez to inform me that during his last triple salchow in his warm up routine he’d tweaked a muscle in lower groin area and was unable to perform ...c'est la vie. Well it was about time Leo had a go anyway, he bowled OK with few good un’s but the bad un’s found favour with the batsman unfortunately, Leo is a little rusty, more nets for you Leo. Mukesh last on, bowled with some success taking two wickets at the death with his brother Rubesh taking a wicket from a Jason outfield catch. 32 overs completed Loire CC had rattled up 361 for 9, ah well not insurmountable with the right attitude and Brian Lara.

After the excellent tea, Juzzy and Jez opened the Mansle CC reply, Juzzy playing straight and appeared unconcern at the medium quick deliveries, Jez gave it a go but was clearly restricted from the self inflicted wound and soon perished hanging his bat out dry, caught behind. Jason next in looking splendid in his nice new kit,....and green shoes! Jason we must talk. Juzzy hung around until a body crippling Achilles injury made him separate bat from pad alignment thus creating the proverbial “gate” which the ball passed through unopposed destination middle stump(4). Next umpires victim was Rubesh whose comprehension of the lbw law could do with revision, out first ball. Zee next up soon picked up the pace but we need to work on his defence a little. Jason placed a few good shots and nurdles before doing the Hokey-Cokey to get inline which was spot on until he threw in a reverse Cokey at the last moment and lashing the ball straight up to be caught (23). On the way past his dad (umpire) he suggested my advice to move his feet inline was unsound,..sound advice son but next time we’ll do “Simon says”. With Jason out big brother strides to the crease with purpose, Alastair being a Southpaw soon had the bowlers having to change tactics. He played a couple nice run scoring cover drives and ran well between the wickets with Zee. Alastair perished to the “Candyman” Brian, (4) LBW. I don’t know if Brian’s wife is reading this but I would like to thank her car's glove box sweet content for supplying the necessary during the game. Haidar making his first batting appearance looked a bit shaky and tried some of his lusty blows without much luck soon perishing to Marwan, missing a straight one(7). Mukesh who’d been itching for a bat soon got in the stride of things hitting a trio of two’s to kick-start his innings, things then slowed down quickly Mukesh only adding two more runs before surrendering his middle stump to Usman. Scores on the doors at this point 65 – 7. Zee tried to score the required 300 ish by himself but was caught near the boundary for our top score of the day 32. Jesse came in and was soon joined by Haseeeeeeeeeeb who became Jamal’s only wicket of the day, at this point Loire CC were looking to mop up and go home. Unknown to them we were about to unleash our “Oz” connection. Leo and Jesse both ground it out with Jesse carrying his bat for a unbeaten 26 and “Leaping” Leo surviving to the end with a creditable 9 not out.

Mansle CC 113 -9 -32 overs.

Coach Corner reflexion on the game

As Coach I'm totally unconcerned at the score or result, we played 9 players under 20 years of age, they all batted and bowled, it's the only way to learn. The whole team played with enthusiasm and never gave up. Great! Toulouse here we come.


P.s more images in the gallery from Juzzy Email if you would like any images.

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