The club continues to grow at spring nets

Another beautiful day in the Charente welcomed another new face Haseeb to Mansle Cricket Club, interesting bowling actions as he bowled with either arm! I would stick with the right arm over for the moment. Jessie turned up late and immediately blamed the chauffeur Lisa who in turn blamed St Claud County Council for organising a local market without phoning her first,...nice try Lisa, they tell me Azerbaijan is quite invigorating this time of year.

Mansle Council have been very good and cut the outfield grass again, we ran the strimmer round the edge of the wicket tidying up the place all is looking good for our friendly match against Loire CC. As is the time of year the water has been turned on in the clubhouse this always coincides with the campsite getting the water turned on for their season. Normally the electric comes on too, but El Presindenti has been waving his sabre down the Marie's with regards to the campsites electric control box being fitted with an additional splinter control box which would allow all year electricity to the club house.

If the nets could get any better?? We have a small run up patch on the left side of the nets which is open uneven gravel causing the spin bowlers concern about their run up rather then looking were they're bowling, we have matters in hand for a new piece of artificial grass mat to replace the gravel in the near future.

At nets Me, Honourable Secretary (Kay), Toffee ("The club Security" dog), Rob, Ze, Juzzy, Haidar, Haseeb, El Presindenti, his moll (Sarah), Mo and Jessie/chauffeur (Lisa),...eventually.

Started with a nice little catching warm up on the wicket, catching was good but I think we need to work on our throwing, not the end of the world. Joe and Haidar opened the innings in the nets, Hadair still trying to hit the ball into the sea, we'll be working on some containing shot involving keeping the ball on the deck later. Joe nurrdled away effectively. After this we took tea and cake supplied by glamorous tea-girls, Sarah, Kay and Lisa who also did a stirling job cleaning up the clubhouse. After this brief pause Rob and Hazib took to the nets, Rob continued with his steady innings approach while Haseeb may have to work on his foot work. Mo and Jessie next in, Jessie bowled with more control this week which was good to see, his batting was steady. Mo hits the ball but too much in the air, something we need to work on.

Next Week is a friendly match against Loire CC, 12.00pm start. I think it's a 35 over game. Please feel free to come along and support us

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