Nets Get Hot

Two more new faces, Jez and Jessie at nets, welcome to Mansle CC. Also present were Juzzy,

Hadir, Ze, Rob, El Presindenti his Moll Sarah, Skippy and new girl Lisa soon to be indoctrinated into the Mansle CC school of tea ladies, excellent first performance assisting Sarah.

As the council have cut the out field we soon had freshly cut grass between our toes, catching practise went off without any dramas with new boys Jez & Jessie showing they can catch and each has a good throwing arm,..useful. First to pad up Ze and Rob, Rob looking better as his timing is coming back, Ze was asked not to hit the ball in the air this went well for two balls before his natural enthusiasm got the better of him. Jessie and Jez took to their inaugural net session with aplomb, Jessie denied he can bat, personally I've not met a Aussie who couldn't bat, he did OK. Jez a bit rusty as you would expect but stance and feet where in the right places I would imagine there's more to come from Jez. After light refreshment supplied by the ever lovely Sarah, Hadair and Skippy chanced their arms batting in the nets, Skippy looking good and Hadair when he connects hits "8's", Hadair also bowled better this week, especially when he didn't try so hard. Last two in were the Fixture Secretary and El Presidenti. All went well despite the temperature creeping up to hot enough, some bowlers were flagging towards the end except Ze who look good for another 2 hours. I don't think he's human!

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