Mansle CC V's Pink Ball

Today we focused on batting in the nets. Having to get up earlier due to daylight savings, everybody managed to make it on time, and with the warm sun making a long awaited appearance, we knew it was going to be a nice day for cricket. Unfortunately our Coach Mike couldn't make it, so captain Remi took on the job of organising the warm up. Our fielding is definitely improving, with some good diving efforts left and right. We then took to the nets and it was Robin who had the difficult task of facing the brand new pink ball. Zeeshan was charging in and generating lots of pace and swing, proving difficult to play. However Robin demonstrated a solid defence and managed to get away with only a few broken bones. Although a bit rusty at first, Rubesh got the ball swinging both ways and proved that you don't need to be fast to take wickets. The new pink balls are the same which will be used in the league, so this was good match simulation. After Zeeshan finished his innings, we headed in to the clubhouse where it was nice and cool for a lunch break. Following lunch, Remi, Justin, Mukesh and Rubesh batted one after another for an extended period. Eventually the heat started to hit us and we decided to call it a day after 4 hours of training. A great effort all round, everyone chipped in and contributed to what was a very productive nets session.

Next week is a week off.

Next Nets resume on sunday 9th of April at 10:30.


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