New Chap has a keen eye for the stray ball Fifth Net Session of 2017

Hi Mansle CC Squad Elite.

Another new face at nets Hadiar Ali, big strong lad and keen, welcome to Mansle CC. We timed the net session well just avoiding the rain about 2.30 pm ish. We re-marked some of the creases so we could advance the stumps down the spinners net to allow for skillful wrist spinners ,...such as myself to inflict mesmerising deliveries which in my case had a holiday into the nearby caravan-site, ah well the walk did me good. The Angouleme Mafia turned up in the now sort after "Juzzy Love Bus" . with occupants Ze, Mo and Hadiar. Robin, Joe, Skippy and myself made up the rest. Tea and biscuits were taken between Ze and Robin's net innings, second pair in Mo and Hadair followed by rear guard Skippy and El Presidenti.

We're trying to get hold of new pink cricket balls to give the net session some authenticity with regards to match day games, hopefully Juzzy Master of the Axe has obtained said balls for the next net session. No pressure Juzzy.

Speaking of Midi Tour, there's still a few places left on this fun filled excursion to the dark side of the moon (same mileage). What fun we're going to have, First arriving on Friday in Toulouse we're going to play "Find the Coach" you'll be given a list of several pubs to search locally, first to find him can buy him a pint. What fun. Saturday night is the same again but without the list. What fun. On the Sunday it's BBQ and Hawaiian shirt night, wearing of the shirt isn't compulsory but if you rather loved ones didn't see you photographed naked and sellotaped to a lamppost in maybe in your interest to make the effort. We're working on a sponsor for the Sunday night beer, it was a diplomatic coup personally this morning getting this subject round to a potential sponsor just minutes after telling him his car was a write off. In amongst this is two cricket league games,..what fun!

Next Net Session 10.30am 26th March 2017


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