Robin Straight Bat Fourth Net Session of 2017


Yet another new face to welcome to the club and nets. Robin looked a bit rusty when batting but knows how to play with a straight bat, the rest will come back with practise. Mo, Ze and Juzzy turn up in Juzzies love bus, Jason arrived with Coach and El Presidenti turn up in his high specification 1970 Citroen with electric indicators. Mo opened the batting and was straight into some lusty swipes, at least it dried the surface dew. We took tea at this stage followed with some catching practise. Robin was next in with Jason joining him in the net for some keeping practise. Juzzyfollowed next.We opened up the other net with El Presidenti donning his pads and showing us why he was a footballer. Ze was last in after bowling flat out for two hours, I think we have another Duracell. Speaking of Ben I haven't seen him recently, is he back or will I next see him on a Panorama report on Middle East slavery trade, silhouetted and voice changed to save the innocent?

Nets, next week 10.30 am Sunday 19th March. Coach..

El Presidenti thinks !!......

My car also has brakes on all four wheels ( you didn't mention this...)

#CricketFrance #Training #Nets #Cricket #Sunnyday

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