Club continues to grow Third Net Session of 2017

Nets went well despite a few drizzly showers, as promised "Ze's " full name Zeeshan Ahmad. Ze, Rubesh, Moesh turned up with a new chum Usman Ali, it's a good job Juzzy has a large car. Skippy Remi just recovered from a small bout of Black Death brought Charente's answer to Pat Cash,.. Leo, along with a couple new club bats which seemed to go well in the nets.

Ben was late again despite bringing choccy croissants. As Coach I need to stamp out this flagrant abuse of net time, so I've sent Ben to Azerbaijan for a month, harsh but fair has always been my motto in this case I admire my restraint. Though numbers are growing at nets will still have capacity for more. There will be Nets in two weeks, same time same place. Sunday 12th March 10.30 am. Don't be late,.. or else!


#CricketFrance #Training

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