Second Net Session of 2017

Salutations Net disciples of season 2017.

What a net session, sunshine all over the place started the season with a new player "Ze" apologises now I can't remember his first name but will make a point of finding out. Ze is 17 years old, bowls medium pace, has a bullet throwing arm and bats with the personification of Pakistani wrist action I'm starting to believe it's a genetic thing. I could see him slipping seamlessly into number five in the batting order. Looked like he enjoyed himself and came over as a nice enthusiastic lad. Rubesh and brother Mohesh arrived with Juzzy with Ben turning up a little later. With the fine weather we started with cups of tea all round with a surprise biscuit feast being supplied by Big Bear Presidenti, though Ben did turn up with choccy croissants later. Refreshed with the flavours of the orient we proceeded to a have little catching practise this coinciding with kill the keeper (Juzzy) by throwing the return ball at his head,..what fun we had. Juzzy didn't agree?

We all had a bat, but Ben batted with a camera strapped to his helmet. Like to see how that went?

Pictures somewhere on the website.

Next net session next week Sunday 26th Feb, 10.30 am come on down, get some Fever!

#CricketFrance #Training

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